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Christophe-André Frassa, Senator representing the French established outside of France, did us the honor of his visit on Monday, November 25, 2019.

The management of LFHED first received Mr. Christophe-André Frassa to present the characteristics of our establishment in the context of a working meeting. Then, a visit of the Lycée Franco-Hellenique with a passage to the CDI and in classes of the elementary school, the middle and high school of the French and the Hellenic Section: English class, ancient Greek class ... This way, the management, the teachers and the students gave an exhaustive picture of the multilingual and humanistic education that is administered at the LFHED.

The visit continued with a round table in the presence of Senator Christophe-André Frassa, Consular Councilors Nelly Muller and Françoise Deschamps, LFHED management and representatives of the teaching staff on the future of the institution and its expansion projects and the expectations of the faculty and staff in general.

Mr. Christophe-André Frassa left with a very positive impression of a school community that works with pleasure in this establishment. We thank him for his visit and his encouragement!


Source: LFHED