The Association offers you:

- Contact with your classmates and other graduates, old and young.
- Professional relations between graduates. Jobs and professional support.
- Participate in unique social events, exhibitions, meetings, career days and other activities.

The new LFHED Alumni Association is here and starts its action with new goals and vision! By registering you become a member of the Association and you contribute to its action.

Why become a member?

LFHED graduates have many common experiences regardless of year and graduation. We have all received an anthropocentric education from worthy teachers and we all have enjoyed moments of joy in the same building, in the same courtyards. The training we all received contributed to the creation of prominent personalities and outstanding professionals of all disciplines.

Becoming a member of your Association gives you the opportunity to keep in touch with all these people and to engage in professional relationships with them that can lead to beautiful partnerships.

Our goal is to create a large professional network in Greece, France and any other country in the world involving entrepreneurs, scientists, teachers, craftsmen, artists. So we will really have a chain of professional mutual support and mutual assistance.

In addition, members of the Association can participate in unique social events, exhibitions and events organized for graduates of our school.

The Association invites you to participate and contribute to this vision so that you can gain unique experiences from the opportunities it offers you. Become a member if you want to help build our big family and we will be happy to welcome you to all our upcoming events!